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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mini Iraq!


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").


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"It would take more than a man to lead the slaves from bondage. It would take a god."

Mini Iraq!

Excuse me while I vent a little in this piece But I feel like we’re living in the Middle East A 14-year old is shot and he ain’t coming back All because we live in a Mini Iraq Drive by killings are our roadside bombs Only difference is there is no dessert, no Saddam Domestic terror has been haunting us for years Who will help us stop shedding these tears Liberate us from these brutal acts Before more innocence is laid on its back RPG’s are a constant threat Rob People’s Goods and this you can bet We won’t get any rebuilding aid Trapped in Mini Iraq is like living in a cage
So much rage and so much frustration
But yet they say this is still the greatest nation
Just like Iraq we have people walking ‘round with guns
They ain’t afraid to use them on our daughters and sons
The hatred has grown well out of proportion
So much to the point where it’s creating distortion
Instead of Middle Eastern men in black with black hooded faces
We’ve got whites with white robes and white pillow cases
Killing and destroying our peers
Hanging us from trees, but its been going on for years
Who’s going to help us and watch our backs
No one because we live in Mini Iraq

It’s the rise of a religious war
And the fall of the American way
Suicide bombings broadcasted everyday
And the ashy knees of a nation still covered in gray
American truths are being brought to the light
And the politician’s voices tremble with fear
As they wipe blood off of the pavement during an election year
But like "Good Times", life is getting so hard
That even Cat Stevens is being barred
Mohammad's bitter truth severing heads like an Egyptian sword
Because like he said, "we wont win another war"
As long as we continue to treat other countries
Like we treat our blacks and our poor
There are millions of Americans stifled in fear
Especially the ones that weren't asked to be brought here
Getting ready for the ramparts and the red glare
Because the terrorists cells are already here
But they aren't sheiks and clerics wearing hoods and masks
They’re the ones teaching our children Science and Math
We’re the reflection of Mini Iraq on our hexed homeland
Too busy swearing politicians into command
To read this short list of Arabic demands:

America is nothing more than a two-bit whore
Making other nations bend over
While they trick for Iraqi-0il
Behind closed doors
Looking for any excuse to settle the score
9/11 a surprise…..indeed
While the politicians plot and scheme
You got kids killing kids
Just for a bit of ‘cream’
While “Peace on Earth” is only a dream
The streets across our nation
Has everyone debating
“Who”, “what”, “where”, “when” and “why”
While sending more troops over to die
And the heads will continue to fly
Across our airwaves
‘Till the ones who lived in those caves
Pay retribution to the descendants of slaves
The war in my backyard
Will become bloodier by the day
In Mini Iraq
Better known as the ole U. S. of A.

Support our troops while they are defending foreign soil
Support the truth while the government pretends it’s not about the oil
Support our youth while the market trends replace CROWNS with ROYAL
Support our roots while the Fahrenheit on our 911 starts to boil
And run over into our streets where the STEAM ROLLS OVER the bodies of the deceased
That are draped by swarms of flies
While the world is left covered in shit
Sitting on the couch along with Jadakiss
Asking, “Why”?
Blocks are adorned with citizens prepared to cast their vote
Not knowing that around that very same corner
another body was found with a gun shot wound to the throat
Another body, another death, another story untold
Another casualty or one less black voter at the polls?
Makes you wonder who was behind that mask
Bush? Cheney? Or was it Condoleezza’s ass?
Middle Class Famine, adolescent fatalities, terrorism,
War, Drug abuse, and modern day slavery;
No these are items found in my nap sack
A mini Iraq
Ripping holes into my back
Can’t board a plane, so I’m catching Amtrak
Taking my seat with my heavy load
Next stop, The White House!
And I’m armed and READY TO EXPLODE!
Thanks for reading Mini Iraq. I Hope you were able to find something here to hang on to. It is my hope that all of mankind will see you as I do. If you like to stay in touch Please Email me at
Hotep, Your Brother.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The House Negro, that would die for President Bush


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").
I pledge.

I pledge disobedience to the flag to the tarnished name of America.

For the false image it portrays- A nation undivided with liberty and justice for all... I pledge disobedience cause that’s a lie- Never can a man or woman say he or she is truly free if he or she being misrepresented by a government accusing to be democratized saying "cast your vote it counts"... Please- Instill this in your minds I’m only going to say this once, whatever votes you cast means nothing. He who counts the votes, decides everything... Be not fooled by their rhetoric, it’s just a tactic they use to deceive you... Propaganda is the name of their game Jump not on that bandwagon- Once you’re on it’s over, you’re gone- and there will be none that can save you...
I have always wanted to know who was King James? I know that the Bible with his namesake is perhaps the biggest selling book in history, but who was he? He was a homosexual who had incest with his mother and he commissioned William Shakespeare and other writers to translate the Bible.
King James 1566-1625

How Does the Bible Explain Fossil Ages Over 6,000 Years (Genesis 1:2)?

Scientists often date fossils such as dinosaur bones and those termed
"Human" or "early man" thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions
of years before the creation of Adam. These Fossils discovered by science Contradict the Bible. I told by a preacher that God`s church has been commissioned primarily to announce the good news of the soon-coming Kingdom of God to humanity now on Earth—those descended from Adam, who the Bible shows was created nearly 6,000 years ago. From the Bible we know that Adam and Eve were the first humans made in the image of God and given a human spirit to make possible the wondrous functioning of the human mind. They were created for the purpose of enlarging the Family of God. This is the important knowledge about human life—the incredible human potential—which can be learned only from God`s revelation, not from the fossil record. (Well)

From the middle of the Sahara desert, 21-year-old Shureice Kornegay reflected on helping excavate one of the richest archeological sites ever found in the area."Your dreams, when they come true, are so much better than you can imagine,` she said Wednesday in an interview over a satellite phone. "I`m just amazed.`Kornegay, who lived the first eight years of her life in Cabrini-Green a project in Chicago, indeed in the middle of a dream: on an expedition with fossil hunter extraordinaire Paul Sereno. Only on this trip, Sereno and Kornegay, an anthropology major at Northern Illinois University, are unearthing something new for the World-renowned Paleontologist: human remains.

So far, the team at the site in northern Niger has identified more than 100 skeletons as old as 9,000 years. The site is so rich that some of the skeletons still have jewelry on them. There are also bones of many animals, evidence of early animal husbandry efforts and sophisticated tools. For Kornegay -- who hopes to become one of the few African-American female Paleoanthropologists -- the trip is also her first out of the United States. Now, she is the first junior paleontologist from the program to join Sereno on a research trip abroad. "She is a kid that could handle it,` said Sereno. "She is seeing real science in the making,`
For Sereno, the trip is also a learning experience. He happened upon the site during a 2000 trip to the region in which his team dug up Super Croc, a 110 million-year-old crocodile that was 40 feet long and weighed 10 tons. And uncovered catfish bones (found near a ceramic bowl) and the remains of other fish more than 6 feet long. Along with different types of artifacts and pottery, evidence of successive civilizations that occupied the area between 5,000 and 9,000 years ago.

“There were two kinds of slaves, the house Negro and the field Negro. The house Negroes - they lived in the house with master, they dressed pretty good, they ate good because they ate his food - what he left. They lived in the attic or the basement, but still they lived near the master; and they loved the master more than the master loved himself. They would give their life to save the master`s house - quicker than the master would. If the master said, `We got a good house here,` the house Negro would say, ‘yeah; we got a good house here.` Whenever the master said `we,` he said `we.` That`s how you can tell a house Negro." Malcolm X, 1963

The House Negro, that would die for President Bush.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice defended President Bush on Sunday against charges that the government`s sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina showed racial insensitivity. `Nobody, especially the president, would have left people unattended on the basis of race,` the administration`s highest-ranking black said as she toured damaged parts of her native Alabama. `I don`t believe for one minute that anybody allowed people to suffer because they were African-Americans. I just don`t believe it,` Rice said during a visit to her native Alabama to survey the damage.`I am an African American. I am from Alabama. I can tell you that this response is not a response about color. This is a response about Americans helping Americans,` she said."

"If the master`s house caught on fire, the house Negro would fight harder to put the blaze out than the master would. If the master got sick, the house Negro would say, `What`s the matter, boss, we sick?` We sick! He identified himself with his master, more than his master identified with himself. And if you came to the house Negro and said, `Let`s run away, let`s escape, let`s separate,` the house Negro would look at you and say, `Man, you crazy. What you mean, separate? Where is there a better house than this? Where can I wear better clothes than this? Where can I eat better food than this?` That was that house Negro. In those days he was called a `house ni@@er.` And that`s what we call them today, because we`ve still got some house ni@@ers running around here."

On that same plantation, there was the field Negro. ...The field Negro was beaten from morning to night; he lived in a shack, in a hut; he wore old, castoff clothes. He hated his master. I say he hated his master. When the master got sick, the field Negro prayed that he`d die. If someone came to the field Negro and said, `let’s separate, let`s run,` he didn`t say, `Where we going?` He`d say, `Any place is better than here.`" Malcolm X, 1963

When Mr. Lynch walked the banks of the James River in 1712 and said he would make you a slavefor 300 years, little did we realize the truth in his prediction? Just 13 more years and his promise will come to fruition. But with two generations of your children gone through our education systems, we can look forward to at least another 50 years of prosperity.

Wow! Things could not be better and it’s all because of you. For all you have done, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Black Americans. You’re the best friends any group of people could ever have!
Sincerely, All other Americans.

Black Seminole Wars and Fort Negro.
Did you know that African Americans fought the U.S. Army to a standstill in a 7-year war from 1835-1842? Upuntil when the British (and then the U.S.) acquired Florida from Spain, Florida was a unique safe haven for fugitive Africans to escape and find refuge from terrorist American slave owners. Blacks were in Florida before the Seminoles. In the late 1600s, African slaves who escaped Carolina plantations and dodged slave hunters through dangerous Indian country gained freedom by crossing the St. Mary’s River, an international border that divided Spanish and British colonial territory. This was the first Underground Railroad.
Black Seminoles.

Puerto Ricans are: Taíno Indians mixed with Africans and Spaniards.
Taíno Indians, a subgroup of the Arawakan Indians (a group of American Indians in northeastern South America), inhabited the Greater Antilles (comprising Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola [Haiti and the Dominican Republic], and Puerto Rico) in the Caribbean Sea at the time when Christopher Columbus` arrived to the New World.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Guess Who I Am?


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").


Proverb on Leaders: “When they come, the people are never ready- they make the people ready."

Guess Who I Am?

Most everybody in the world knows of me but very few people really know about me. I was assassinated but part of my message lives on. During my lifetime I had been wrongly imprisoned but that hasn't stopped the best of colleges, from asking me to come visit and speak. Do you know who I am? To give you a hint, I will tell you some of the messages that I gave to the people. "What this government really advocates is socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor... Capitalism was built upon the exploitation and suffering of Africans enslaved (audience clapping) and continues to thrive on the exploitation of the poor, both Black and White, both here and overseas." I never left this concept, in fact earlier in my speech I said that "unemployment rages high in the Black community, but the bipartisan response instead is an Anti-Riot Bill, if unemployment were this high in the nation, we would have a depression greater than that of the 1940's..." (This is still true today). This led me to found the "Poor People's Campaign Movement" (PPCM) in 1968. This is the last major thing I did before I was murdered. There is still a firestorm of debate, over just who is responsible for my death? If you read my history you will know the answer to this question.

Do you remember when I said, "Before the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth, we were here? Before the beautiful words of the "Star Spangled Banner" were written, we were here. Before the Declaration of Independence was done by Jefferson, we were here. We are not newcomers here. For more than two centuries our ancestors labored without wages, they traded cotton king and built their masters home under the most humiliating and oppressive conditions - yet out of a bottomless vitality they continued to develop. And I say to you if slavery couldn't stop us - the resistance that we now face, cannot stop us!" In this excerpt here you can see my vast understanding of history, although I never lived to see my fortieth birthday.
Some of you began to worry when I repeated President John F. Kennedy's words by warning the United States Government in 1967 that "those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." This would not have caught you off guard if you would study my evolution as a leader and of the climate in the nation at the time. Ironically, it was this same Kennedy who had authorized a wiretap on my Atlanta phone and on all the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) members’ phones on 10/10/1963. It's funny, because when I met with him in 1960 he encouraged my work, in fact because of this meeting many Negroes thought that he was our friend and cried for days when he was also assassinated. I guess this was better than the next President to succeed him named Lyndon B. Johnson who labeled me and my Muslim contemporary at the time, the most dangerous Black men in America. During my 1968 "Been to the Mountain Top" speech, I foreshadowed when I said, "The hour is dark. Evil comes forth in the guise of good. It is a time of double talk when men in high places, have a high blood pressure of deceptive rhetoric and a anemia of concrete performance." I knew "they" were going to kill me soon. "They" gave me the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 so that they could disguise their true feelings toward me.

Socially and politically I had evolved past the rudimentary argument of violence vs. non-violence. I had come out hard against the Vietnam War. I told the American public that they "have a chance to vote into oblivion those leaders who support militarism." I proved myself to be consistent in my "Beyond Vietnam" speech at Riverside Church in New York City on April 4th of 1967. This led Time Magazine to call my speech at Riverside Church "demagogic slander." The Washington Post said, "I had outlived my usefulness as a leader". By the way, both of these magazines are alleged to support me now, but I am dead now. The last thing good that "they" said about me was on 8/28/1963 during the March on Washington, when I performed my "I Have A Dream Speech" do you know that I didn't even speak for thirty minutes but I have spoken literally hundreds of times since that speech amounting to hundreds of hours, but they are still selling you that "Dream." I have hours of ideas on tape since then and I rarely participated in singing "We Shall Overcome" after the "March."

I began to point out the subtle differences between racism and white supremacy. I probably began to annoy "them" in 1964. During my "Why We Can't Wait" speech or it might have been my other speech called "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community" in 1967. I get confused because I have spoken so much since 1963. During this speech I said “Many whites who joined us in the Civil Rights struggle are against the extreme conditions of Blacks but not for the equality of Blacks in employment, housing and education. So who is it that is keeping this wall up? It's not the Ku Klux Klan or the John Birch Society but some old gentle White mother....White backlash is nothing new, it's a new name for an old phenomena." I think that I said this because through my travels I saw that in the South Blacks couldn't vote and in the North we believed we had no reason to vote.

I guess you can see that I am probably much different than what people want you to believe about me. In fact I told you in my "Stanford Articles," (which hold a great many of my essays) that originally I was not a religious man but that "I only went to church to keep up with my sister". I was more of a spiritual man, who opted for the term God over Christ, or the word we referring to our people instead of Christians, especially in public. My attitude toward God was constantly changing and tested daily via racism. The fact is that I purposely took an alternative root from my Southern peers by attending a Northern School like Boston University instead of a Southern school for my divinity training. I felt that this was kudos for me and allowed me to be exposed to theological intellectualism that the south did not provide.

If not for Rosa Parks, you may never have heard of me. She is the one who actually pioneered the Civil Rights movement in 1955, when she refused to give up her seat to a white man. If I were alive I would tell you that it is unfair to single me out for "sole attribution" compared to so many who came before me and contributed so much during my time. I am glad that my widow and my "rivals" widow developed a relationship. Yes, they killed my contemporary also just as we were submerging our differences. Without James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, Fannie Lou Hammer and countless others my contribution would have been in abyss. My birthday as a national holiday is really a celebration of all the African American freedom fighters. Negro History Week was expanded into Black History Month. It is more important on my birthday that you expand my celebration into a study of the era of change in which I lived in and help contribute new changes to your era. I was not perfect and made many mistakes that you can learn from. If you wish to study me, do me a favor study me after 1963? That's when I really matured and that's the me you probably don't know. If you still have not guessed who I am, I am Martin Luther King Jr.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The "Black (Negro) Wall Street"


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace")


The "Black (Negro) Wall Street" was the name given to Greenwood Avenue of North Tulsa, Oklahoma during the early 1900’s. Because of strict segregation, Blacks were only allowed to shop, spend, and live in a 35 square block area called the Greenwood district. The "circulation of Black dollars" only in the Black community produced a tremendously prosperous Black business district that was admired and envied by the whole country. Oklahoma boasted of more All-Black towns and communities than any other state in the land, and these communities opened their arms to freed slaves from all across the country. Remarkably, at one time, there were over 30 African-American newspapers in Oklahoma. Since African Americans could neither live among Whites as equals nor patronize White businesses in Tulsa, Blacks had to develop a completely separate business district and community, which soon became prosperous and legendary.

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
George Washington Carver, Jr. 1865-1943, Mary McLeod Bethune
1875-1955, Percy Julian 1899-1975, and W.E.B. DuBois 1868-1963.

Black dollars invested in the Black community also produced self-pride, self-sufficiency, and self-determination. The business district, beginning at the intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Archer Street, became so successful and vibrant that Booker T. Washington during his visit bestowed the moniker: "Negro Wall Street." By 1921, Tulsa’s African-American population of 11,000 had its own bus line, two high schools, one hospital, two newspapers, two theaters, three drug stores, four hotels, a public library, and thirteen churches. In addition, there were over 150 two and three story brick commercial buildings that housed clothing and grocery stores, cafes, rooming houses, nightclubs, and a large number of professional offices including doctors, lawyers, and dentists. Tulsa’s progressive African American community boasted some of the cities most elegant brick homes; well furnished with china, fine linens, beautiful furniture, and grand pianos. Mary Elizabeth Parrish from Rochester, New York wrote: "In the residential section there were homes of beauty and splendor which would please the most critical eye." Well known African American personalities often visited the Greenwood district including: educators Mary McCloud Bethune W.E.B. Dubois, scientist George Washington Carver, opera singer Marian Anderson, and noted Chicago chemist Percy Julian.

On May 31, 1921, the successful
Black Greenwood district was completely destroyed by one of the worse race riots in U.S. history.

A 19 year old Black male accidentally stumbled on a jerky elevator and bumped the17-year-old White elevator operator who screamed. The frightened young fellow was seen running from the elevator by a group of Whites and by late afternoon the "Tulsa Tribune" reported that the girl had been raped. Despite the girl’s denial of any wrongdoing, the boy was arrested and a large mob of 2000 White men came to the jail to lynch the prisoner. About 75 armed African Americans came to the jail to offer assistance to the sheriff to protect the prisoner. The sheriff not only refused the assistance but also deputized the White mob to disarm the Blacks. With a defenseless Black community before them, the White mob advanced to the Greenwood district where they first looted and then burned all Black businesses, homes, and churches. Any Black resisters were shot and thrown into the fires. When the National Guard arrived, they assisted the others by arresting all Black men, women, and children, and herding them into detention centers at the Baseball Park and Convention Hall. As many as 4,000 Blacks were held under armed guard in detention.

The "Chicago Tribute" Newspaper reported that Whites also used private airplanes to drop kerosene and dynamite on Black homes. By the next morning the entire Greenwood district was reduced to ashes and not one White was even accused of any wrong doing, much less arrested.

The race riot of Tulsa, Oklahoma was not an isolated event in American history. On May 28, 1917 a White mob in East St. Louis, Illinois of over l3, 000, ravaged African American stores, homes, and churches. Eyewitnesses reported that over 100 Blacks were gunned down as they left their burning homes including a small Black child who was shot and thrown back into the burning building to die. Seven white police officers charged with murder by the Illinois Attorney General were collectively fined $150. During the "Red Summer" of 1919, over 25 race riots were recorded (white mobs attacking black neighborhoods).In the 1919 race riot at Elaine, Arkansas, White mobs killed over 200 African Americans and burned their homes and businesses. Federal troops arrested hundreds of Blacks trying to protect their possessions and forcibly held them in basements of the city’s public schools. Twelve Blacks were indicted (no Whites) and convicted of inciting violence and sentenced to die. The NAACP persuaded the U.S. Supreme Count for the first time in history to reverse a racially biased southern court. Director John Singleton exposed the horror of the Rosewood, Florida massacre of 1922 in his film entitled "Rosewood". A White mob burned down the entire town and tried to kill all of its Black inhabitants. In April 1994, the Florida legislature passed the "Rosewood Bill", which awarded $150,000 to each of the riot’s nine eligible Black survivors.

Sunday, November 13, 2005



Shem Hotep ("I go in peace")



Dear Brothers,
Black men of the universe, I want to direct some positive thoughts your way. You have survived some of the most inhumane treatment ever put upon a human being. You were born in a world where you were the by-product of a system that didn't give you a chance to flourish. We all want the chance to be all that we can be. Black men you have taken a tremendous beating at the hands of a system that has never encouraged unity between you and your black women.

We waited many years for the end of slavery to have freedom of choice and now that we have that, we have another problem. Black men have now become the NEW slave owners as black women have waited just as long as men for this chance at freedom. A large percentage of black women now have to answer to a new present day slave owner. As men, where is our collective memories? Haven't we read about this relationship before? Let us all revisit the scene of the crime and see if there are any similarities. I am not suggesting that your treatment of your woman is exactly like that of the white man's treatment of our ancestors. I am saying that either we are all free or we are not.

The SLAVE OWNER could come and go as he saw fit no questions about it. The SLAVE OWNER wanted to know exactly where everyone was at every moment. The SLAVE OWNER could demand a meal at any time. The SLAVE OWNER could demand sex at any time. The SLAVE OWNER always put himself first. The SLAVE OWNER thinks that it is his god given right to control everything.


The BLACK MAN can come and go as he sees fit no questions about it. The BLACK MAN wants to know exactly where everyone is at every moment. The BLACK MAN can demand a meal at any time. The BLACK MAN can demand sex at any time. The BLACK MAN always put himself first. The BLACK MAN thinks that it is his god given right to control everything.

BLACK MEN stop acting like the slave owners that your ancestors died trying to get away from. Treat your woman the way you would the way you would like to be treated. She is not a slave and should be able to come and go just like you do, no questions asked. Stop asking where she's going, either you trust her or you don't. Don't spend your life with someone you don't trust. BLACK men make your woman happy by sharing in the cooking etc. If you don't like to cook what makes you think she likes to? If you don't know how, there is no better time than right now to learn.
Where is her freedom of choice brothers? Don't get mad at the comparison, we all want to be free.I am just the messenger bringing an overdue letter from my Creator. If you disagree with the concept of women's freedom you are not free. Freedom starts in the mind and then to the rest of you. Your plantation may come with nice amenities but it is still a plantation. You my brother should be seeking freedom for all. You should not be so accepting of being the king where you live but nothing everywhere else. Your woman is not fooled by your show of force. It only confirms what she already knew. You like things just the way they are and have no interest in her freedom from her present day master. Give your woman a break from a job you obviously don't want Black man remember your woman has a demanding life whether she's at home or at work. She needs to know that her home is a place to relax and get comfortable. DON'T demand sex from your woman, love is something that should be given not taken. BLACK man, you need to put your woman and children first. Their well being should come first; you should live for their happiness.

My brothers you have no GOD given right to wreck havoc on any female. Females made your birth a reality. If you have to allude to some bible verse to maintain some point of view, you have failed in getting the respect you need. Stop using the bible a ring and some papers from a courthouse to enforce your will. You are acting just like the slave owners. We are not Europeans so why do you swear by their papers?
If you need papers to keep your house in order, where did you learn that?
Your use of scripture seems to be so isolated and only serve to enslave.
Lead your precious Black woman and make her proud to say

Your children and your woman are a gift from the CREATOR and should be cherished as such. This is an opportunity and not an obligation. Our Black sisters have had a rough time over the last four hundred and some odd years. Let's take it upon ourselves to end THEIR enslavement to us. For some of the Brothers in the struggle, the struggle starts at home. Our home should be an example to the world, demonstrating the peace love and freedom we so often talk about.

Thanks for reading A LETTER TO MY BROTHERS. I Hope you were able to find something here to hang on to. It is my hope that all of mankind will see you as I do. If you like to stay in touch Please Email me at
Hotep, Your Brother.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

R. Kelly's Got "Half On A Baby":

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace")


Social (and Entertainment)
R. Kelly's Got "Half On A Baby": But Is He Sending the Wrong Message?

Last Saturday afternoon, while suffering through a moderate case of writer's block, I decided to busy myself with the most mindless, anti-thought provoking activity I could think of. So - while washing a trillion loads of laundry and listening to the radio a old R. Kelly's song came on "Half on a Baby"
I'm no die hard R. Kelly fan. So, as I began to listen in - I mean really listen - I heard Kelly's astute declarations that he has "….half on a baby and all I need is your body next to me..." But, in the immortal words of Mr. Kelly himself - wait a minute, On to my point. Still, there's a lot more to this concept than his sperm hooking' up with some woman's egg, biologically speaking. I know, 'ain’t anything' wrong with a little bump and grind, but let's think about this for a minute.
As adults, most of us have the ability to hum along with R. Kelly's lyrics, and place no significance on them whatsoever. However - what about our black youth, who are easily influenced by almost anything having to do with, sex, and whose minds aren't as discerning?

This baby-making' stuff sounds cute, and it's a documented fact that most teens tend to get 'caught up' in the fairy tale aspect of having a child -- and lyrics like "Half on a Baby" conveniently assist them in overlooking the magnitude of the real deal. I don't know about ya'll, but the thought of some gum-smacking, starry-eyed, hormonal adolescent buying into this ".I got half on a baby.." jive certainly gives me the chills. First of all, these lyrics glamorize the very subject we're trying to get our black youths to take seriously. In the age of AIDS, other STD's, and teenage pregnancies, the lyrics breeze right past the notion of sexual responsibility. Unless I missed it, I didn't hear R. Kelly singing about going half on some condoms.

Secondly, I'm growing a tad weary of all these 'let's-make-a-baby' songs; they just flat out send the wrong message. "Half on a Baby’s lyrics are cute, and even a little catchy, granted ("…like a hotel room, girl, I'm checking' into you.”), but they also romanticize the notorious 'baby's momma/daddy' phenomenon, which regrettably, seems to have become quite hip. Marriage and parenting are serious issues, people. The challenge of creating and maintaining solid black families is even more serious. In the "Half on a Baby" video, R. Kelly's got a fortress of a home, I'm assuming a good job (the castle is decorated, with creepy-looking oversized furniture, if I may add), and he's definitely got his half on a baby, but, well -- can we get half on some matrimony? Half on some premarital counseling, even? Nope. Not even half on a ring, which sounds pretty cheap, but it would at least be the right idea. Impressionable black teens (and even some of us grown folk - hello) need to understand that having "half on a baby" physically, even financially, is simply not enough. Teenagers have no concept of the time, energy, and responsibilities that go along with having and raising a child. R. Kelly may have "half on a cute little boy or girl" - but do the young ladies realize that he sure 'ain’t got "half" on some very whole, complete labor pains? And we should be asking the young fellas - do you have "half" on the other commitments that go along with raising a child? I mean, over and above the sperm donation? Do you have half on the number of times somebody has got to get up and feed Junior at 3AM? Do you also have half on clothing expenses? Medical insurance? Art lessons and ballet and football? College tuition? Someone has got to remind our teens to look past the moment, and help them focus on the bigger picture when it comes to having sex and having babies. There's more to it than the over-publicized frolic between the sheets. Our teens need to realize that it 'ain’t as easy or as cute as it looks, and in regards to R. Kelly's song - as it sounds. So, I'm all for helping these youngsters gets half on some common sense. My suggestion for them: Get both halves of a college education, first. Save you’re "half" on a baby for much, much later.

Thanks for reading R. Kelly's Got "Half on a Baby" I Hope you were able to find something here to hang on to. If you like to stay in touch Please Email me at
Hotep, Your Brother.

Sunday, October 30, 2005



Shem Hotep ("I go in peace")



To all my sisters, I would like to take this time to tell you that on behalf of all my Brothers, we have failed in our duties as men. What we really needed were role models, we needed lessons and we needed LOVE. What we gave to you in terms of attitude was the one we saw as children from our Fathers. What we give you in terms of support was what we saw our Fathers give our Mothers it was never enough! Our king of the castle approach was good enough for our mothers, no wait it really was never good enough for you or our mothers. Please excuse our pre-occupation with making it, we learned it from fathers. Please excuse us for not getting to know the kids until they were grown. We were taught by the best. Please excuse our double standards it was passed on to us without our permission. Please excuse our ignorance in raising two families at the same time. You never saw the wrong in it, though we were taught that two wrongs never made it right. Forgive us for changing from run of the mill Joe at work to KING OF THE CASTLE once home. Everyone wants to be KING. If only DAD could have been more we could have been more. Hindsight is always 20/20.

The real reason dad couldn't be better is because his father was not any better. Sisters you have to understand that your Black man is a product of his family history. He is fighting DNA, environmental and historical factors. This mean without proper knowledge of self he will repeat all the mistakes of the past in his treatment of you. If he could control those things he could be the MAN that you want him to be. You are expecting a love he may know nothing about. Is he wrong in his lack of perception about what you are asking of him. You could not understand a foreign language without some lessons or could you? Listen beautiful sisters, every one of you, I applaud your decision to still have us with all of our faults. If we consider the hardships in dealing with society as a despised and rejected people, making a decision to carry our seed is making a statement to the world that maybe just maybe WE are somebody. Yes sisters your acceptance of us is our validation. FOR you sisters looking to validate a brother, let me give some unasked for advise. When you think that you have found the right brother, here's what you do. Check out his family and his relationship with them. If he doesn't show any interest in his family it may be better to rethink your choice. Pay close attention to what this means. Only men suffering from some type of family dysfunction have no interest in their family. This brother will usually exhibit some type of negative behavior that will manifest itself in one way or the other. This is the rule, please don't go looking for the exception.

Sisters, I know you deserve better so give yourself a chance for happiness. It is a testament to who you really are that despite all the things that you go through with us, you can turn out children that have chances to be really special. Your care in not putting their fathers down is remarkable. Your ability to budget next to nothing into a decent way of life is something magical. Your consecutive day's streak is not talked about like millionaire athletes and you do it for free. I love the way you sisters sit back and won't even make a big deal about being the first human BEING the CREATOR put on the planet. You are the MOTHER of them all. It is you that were entrusted with life itself. We as men, as powerful as we think we are can only imagine the whole process of maintaining life in the womb. Your value to this planet has never been properly stated or even understated but still you continue on. Society has wrongfully accused you of being the Eve in the Adam and Eve story.

You were handling our business long before then. Don't even believe that you are responsible for the world's problem. You have always given life and man has always taken it away. You my sisters need to be more demanding of YOUR world. Your guests on this planet have not been respectful of your true power. You gave out the first invitations to join you in the continuation of life itself. Never let us forget that it was you that made this possible. This earth and the people on it need only to look to the original mother to find its way. Be there always and forgive our ignorance. It was passed on to us without our permission. Black Women you have made a believer out of this STRONG brother. I will never question the role of the black women on this planet. You should be celebrated with the dawn of every day. Rise up my sisters and assume your rightful throne.

Thanks for reading THE LETTER TO MY SISTERS. I Hope you were able to find something here to hang on to. It is my hope that all of mankind will see you as I do. If you like to stay in touch Please Email me at
Hotep, Your Brother.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The word `religion` means business, a God for sale.


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace")



“The temple of the most high begins with the human body, which houses our life, essence of our existence. Nubians in America are in bondage today because we approach spirituality through religion provided by our grand father’s and mother’s slave masters. We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules. Regulations and rituals created by humans, which were supposed to help people grow spiritually. Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive, and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality is not theology or ideology, it is simple a way of life. Pure and original as was given by the most high. Spirituality is a network linking us to the most high The universe...and each other As the essence of our existence It embodies our culture, true identity, nationhood and destiny.


The word `religion` means business, a God for sale. Religion is created by man, as opposed to spirituality, which is found in man and woman." Sawaad Amen Ra

Religious Blindness Religious blindness prevents biblical and Koran scholars, and those that follow them – whether they are of the Judaic, Christian, or Islamic persuasion – from daring to pursue reality. To do this would mean venturing into the unknown, which is something, most people fear. People base their whole lives on religion and its so-called facts. It’s a known fact that the old and New Testament, and the Koran were taken from ancient tablet carvings from the walls in the Cuneiform language of an ancient group of people, called the Shumarian (Sumerians). In a place the bible calls Shinar (Genesis 10:10), who received them from beings that came from beyond the stars.


Now let’s look at Jesus.

Jesus had two mothers, Mary the virgin and conceived him and Mary the wife of Cleophas, who brought him forth as one of her (five) children. Jesus remained with his mother, the Virgin, up to age 12, when he left, `to be about his father’s business." From 12 to 30 there is no record of his life. Jesus at age 30 was made a man in his baptism by John the Baptist. Jesus in his baptism is hailed from heaven as the beloved son and the only begotten of the Father, God, and the Holy Spirit, represented by a DOVE. If we can go back thousands of years before Christ and find the exact same story with a different name, what does that tell you? And what does that say about God and the validity of the Bible? Christians don’t want to deal with that. There is no evidence that the events or people existed in the Bible. Nazareth wasn’t even a town when Christ was born, but this is a place he supposedly frequented all of the time. You can check as one of my references Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization by Anthony T. Browder and Civilization or Barbarism, Chiekh Anta Diop.
Photobucket Photobucket

Dr. John Henrik Clarke. 1915-1998

Dr. Clarke’s Words on SPIRITUALITY
“Spirituality is a way of accepting the fact that there is a spiritual force in the universe larger than all of mankind. But someone had to come along and invent a word called God. Then some had to serve another God and say mine is better than yours, and some had to create faith, someone said I have the true faith.”

“Religion is the organization of spirituality into something that became the hand maiden of conquerors. Nearly all religions were brought to people and imposed on people by conquerors, and used as the framework to control their minds.”

(On the IMAGE of GOD)
“My main point here is that if you are the child of God and God is a part of you, and then in your imagination God suppose to look like you. And when you accept a picture of the deity assigned to you by another people, you become the spiritual prisoners of that other people.”

(The Holy Ghost)
This is my position on organized religion and all that other stuff. But I want to know what people feel about the Holy Ghost or whatever you want to call. I used to sit in church contemplating my life and where I stand in the scheme of it all and I also would observe the so-called "saved" people. Every time the choir stood up and certain songs came on I knew who would get the "spirit" first and who would follow after that It. Always started from the first lady, the deacons wives and down the chain of command. I mean it was crazy every Sunday like clockwork. Now I understand if you’re so overwhelmed with emotion that you just burst out. But I don’t think it should be almost mechanical. I feel as if it’s a show, the holy ghost is all powerful, so it should be able to hit you without a drum beat...and hit you at work, school, or whenever, not just at church before offering time. Also I notice that 90% of the time it’s women, how come men don’t flop around like that? There are classic ways people "get happy" in church, which makes me question the act. The Holy Ghost doesn’t work in a set pattern like that. At least that’s the way the bible tells it.

Most black folks are slaves to SOMEBODY`S interpretation of Jesus’ words, and some folks feel like the Bible says, and therefore, GOD says, that in order to show everyone how Holy Ghost filled they are, they have to act a fool and convulse, cry and dance every Sunday. At another church I visited, the pastor disdained such behavior, and said that the only time people acted like that in the Bible was when Jesus was casting devils out of them. I first went to a Baptist church when I was a youngster. There were no speaking in tongues or shouting allowed in that church. That made me question why someone would stymie the goodness of the creator. Then I started going to a Holiness church and EVERYONE was shouting and speaking in tongues. The Bible says that it only happens to folks who are truly touched by God. I used to look around at folks who were doing the shouting and these were the same women who gossiped about other church members, bad mouthed the direction of the church, talked bad about other people’s kids, and then ten minutes later they fronting singing the glory of the Lord talking about they are saved.

Go To Hell. All right where is it. What And Where Is Hell?

They don’t know where hell is, or if such a place really exists. They can’t even decide what hell is. Which one is it? Is it the lake of fire (Revelation 20:10) or the pit (Revelation 11:7) or is it a place where you will be given oozing pus to drink like the Koran describes (Koran 14:16), or a place where you will be roasted (Koran 17:18), or a prison (Koran 17:8)? Also, how did the pit get there? How did a big place of fire get beneath us? Did God create it down there? Why it is that scientist haven’t discovered it yet being they have dug holes straight down to the center of the Earth? Why is it that you can’t find hell if it really is a place that exists? Scientists have listened to the ground; they have all kinds of advanced technical equipment with computers. Have they heard crackling fires? No! Why? Because hell is a state of mind. It is what you make it. It exists within you, for each one will pattern his or her hell according to what he believes hell is. They don’t hear anybody down there screaming and hollering or any torturing. So what makes you believe that there is some place “down there” that you will go if you are a sinner where there is fire and demons? The Bible? Let’s be for real! There is nothing in the Bible that has been proven to be facts yet. You can’t even prove that the characters in your Bible really exist, let alone a place called hell! The hell that your Preachers, Teachers, Pastors, Rabbis, Imams, and Sheiks preach to you about is another trick to keep you trapped under religion.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The ugly truth about Katrina!


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").


The ugly truth! Why we couldn’t save the people of New Orleans Poor residents trapped long before Katrina. Simply put, without money, for many there was no escape. "If you’re living well below the poverty line, do you have a credit card to pay to stay in a motel or hotel for a few days?"

Bubbling up from the flood that destroyed New Orleans are images, beamed around the world, of America’s original and continuing sin: the shabby, contemptuous treatment this country metes out, decade after decade, to poor people in general and the descendants of African slaves in particular. The world sees New Orleans burning and dying today, but the televised anarchy - the shooting and looting, needless deaths, helpless rage and maddening governmental incompetence -was centuries in the making.
To the casual viewer, the situation is an incomprehensible mess that raises questions about the intelligence, sanity and moral worth of those trapped in the city. Why didn’t those people evacuate before the hurricane? Why don’t they just walk out of town now? And why should anyone care about people who are stealing and fighting the police?
That hard, unsympathetic view is the traditional American response to the poverty, ignorance and rage that afflict many of us whose great-great-grandparents once made up the captive African slave labor pool. In far too many cities, including New Orleans, the marching orders on the front lines of American race relations are to control and contain the very poor in ghettos as cheaply as possible; ignore them completely if possible; and call in the troops if the brutes get out of line.

By almost every statistical measure, New Orleans is a bad place to be poor. Half the city’s households make less than $28,000 a year and 28% of the population lives in poverty. In the late 1990s, the state’s school systems ranked dead last in the nation in the number of computers per student (1 per 88), and Louisiana has the nation’s second-highest percentage of adults who never finished high school. By the state’s own measure, 47% of the public schools in New Orleans rank as "academically unacceptable."
And Louisiana is the only one of the 50 states where the state legislature doesn’t allocate money to pay for the legal defense of indigent defendants. The Associated Press reported this year that it’s not unusual for poor people charged with crimes to stay in jail for nine months before getting a lawyer appointed.

These government failures are not merely a matter of incompetence. Louisiana and New Orleans have a long, well-known reputation for corruption: as former Congressman Billy Tauzin once put it, "half of Louisiana is under water and the other half is under indictment."
That’s putting it mildly. Adjusted for population size, the state ranks third in the number of elected officials convicted of crimes (Mississippi is No. 1). Recent scandals include the conviction of 14 state judges and an FBI raid on the business and personal files of a Louisiana congressman. In 1991, a notoriously corrupt Democrat named Edwin Edwards ran for governor against Republican David Duke, a former head of the Ku Klux Klan. Edwards, whose winning campaign included bumper stickers saying "Elect the Crook," is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for taking bribes from casino owners. Duke recently completed his own prison term for tax fraud. The rot included the New Orleans Police Department, which in the 1990s had the dubious distinction of being the nation’s most corrupt police force and the least effective: the city had the highest murder rate in America. More than 50 officers were eventually convicted of crimes including murder, rape and robbery; two are currently on Death Row. The decision to subject an entire population to poverty, ignorance, injustice and government corruption as a way of life has its ugly moments, as the world is now seeing. New Orleans officials issued an almost cynical evacuation order in a city where they know full well that thousands have no car, no money for airfare or an interstate bus, no credit cards for hotels, and therefore no way to leave town before the deadly storm and flood arrived. The authorities provided no transportation out of the danger zone, apparently figuring the neglected thousands would somehow weather the storm in their uninsured, low-lying shacks and public housing projects. The poor were expected to remain invisible at the bottom of the pecking order and somehow weather the storm. But the flood confounded the plan, and the world began to see a tide of human misery rising from the water - ragged, sick, desperate and disorderly. Some foraged for food; some took advantage of the chaos to commit crimes. All in all, they acted exactly the way you could predict people would act who have been locked up in a ghetto for generations. The world also saw the breezy indifference with which government officials treated these tens of thousands of sick and dying citizens, even as the scope of the disaster became clear. President Bush initially shunned the Gulf Coast and headed to political fund-raisers in the West. That left matters in the bumbling hands of the director of emergency management, Michael Brown, who ranks No. 1 on the list of officials who ought to be fired when the crisis has passed. Even as local officials were publicly reporting assaults, fires and bedlam at local hospitals, Brown took to the airwaves to declare that "things are going well" as mayhem engulfed the city. When asked about the rising death toll, Brown attributed it to "people who did not heed the advance warnings." Brown’s smug ignorance of the conditions of the place he was tasked to save became the final door slammed on the trap that tens of thousands of the cities poorest found themselves. The challenge for America is to remember the faces of the evacuees who will surely be ushered back into a black hole of public indifference as soon as the White House and local officials can manage it. While pledging ourselves to remember their mistreatment and fight for their cause, we should also be sure to cast a searching, skeptical eye on the money that Bush has pledged for rebuilding. Ten billion dollars are about to pass into the sticky hands of politicians in the No. 1 and No. 3 most corrupt states in America. Worried about looting? You ain`t seen nothing yet.

People who used a mail truck to escape the flooded areas of New Orleans East are forced to lie on the highway by Texas game wardens August 31, 2005. The people were freed but forced to continue on foot.

So the white people don’t "loot", they "find". A curious insight into prevalent racism in the US media; just as one man’s "terrorist" is another man’s "freedom fighter," it seems one man’s "looter", is another man’s "finder". You decide.

A Black woman walks out of a grocery store after finding food in New Orleans, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005.
A Black man carries a bucket of beer after finding it in a grocery store in New Orleans on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005.
A young man walks through chest deep flood water after finding food a grocery store in New Orleans on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005.

Kanye West “George Bush Does Not Care About Black People” (NO SHIT)

Kanye West “George Bush Does Not Care about Black People” Kanye, you forgot about Dr. Condoleezza Rice, we know that she doesn’t care.
This is what she thinks about black people.

Kanye West “I hate the way they treat us in the media, when you see a black family it says they’re looting when you see a white family it says they’re looking for food and it’s been five days because the people are black. George Bush Does Not Care About Black People.”

I hope Mr. West remembers his perception of blacks in the news media when he and his peers produce music videos that glamorize black males as potentially violent goons and black women as b#cth`s and s#uts. I wonder who was of greater influence to those who were raping women in the Superdome: George Bush or Kayne West.

FEMA Chief Michael Brown Removed from Katrina Relief Coast Guard Admiral Put In charge Of Gulf Coast’s Recovery.
Michael Brown has emerged as chief scapegoat for what went wrong in the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

Bush’s next sacrificial lambs for Katrina.
"They have M-16`s and they are locked and loaded," Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin offered no transportation when he ordered the population of New Orleans to evacuate. Hundreds of thousands of people were stranded, homeless. Survivors struggle for life’s barest necessities in the toxic floodwaters of New Orleans.

Don’t Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross Establishment charities have history of withholding disaster funds?

As the aftermath of hurricane Katrina continues to wreak mayhem and havoc amid reports of mass looting, shooting at rescue helicopters, rapes and murders, establishment media organs are promoting the Red Cross as a worthy organization to give donations to.
The biggest website in the world,, displays a Red Cross donation link prominently on its front page. Every time there is a major catastrophe the Red Cross and similar organizations like United Way are given all the media attention while other charities are left in the shadows. This is not to say that the vast majority of Red Cross workers are not decent people who simply want to help those in need. But what the media fails consistently to remember in their promotion of the organization is that the Red Cross has been caught time and time again withholding money in the wake of horrible disasters that require immediate release of funds.

The Red Cross, under the Liberty Fund, collected $564 million in donations after 9/11. Months after the event, the Red Cross had distributed only $154 million. The Red Cross` explanation for keeping the majority of the money was that it would be used to help `fight the war on terror`. To the victims, this meant that the money was going towards bombing broken backed third world countries like Afghanistan and setting up surveillance cameras and expanding the police state in US cities, and not towards helping them rebuild their lives. Then Red Cross President Dr. Bernadine Healy arrogantly responded when questioned about the withholding of funds by stating, "The Liberty Fund is a war fund. It has evolved into a war fund." Despite the family members of victims of 9/11 complaining bitterly to a House Energy and Commerce Committee’s oversight panel, the issue seemed to be brushed under the carpet and the mud didn’t stick.
The Red Cross` scandalous activities reach back far before 9/11. After the devastating San Francisco earthquake in 1989, the Red Cross passed on only $10 million of the $50 million that had been raised, and banked the rest. Similar donations after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the Red River flooding in 1997 were also greedily withheld. Smaller charities that were involved with the 2004 Tsunami relief project went public to say that large charities like Red Cross and United Way were engaged in secret backroom negotiations with each other that meant a large portion of the donation money was purposefully restricted from reaching the neediest areas affected by the disaster.

The history is clear, the Red Cross and other large so-called charities are in actual fact front group collection agencies for the military industrial complex. Many informed historians have even alleged that the Red Cross was used as a Skull and Bones cover to overthrow The Russian Czar and pave the way for the rise of the Bolsheviks.

Do not give any money to the Red Cross unless you support the expansion of empire abroad and police state at home. Find a smaller trustworthy organization in the local area of New Orleans and make your donation to them. The Relief Fund Is providing support to families who are assisting those displaced by Hurricane Katrina? These funds raised by the Relief Fund will go to individual Families who have opened their homes to families displaced by Hurricane Katrina, to supplement their personal households as the recovery efforts continue. The Relief Fund is working cooperatively with churches in states neighboring affected areas to identify households in need of assistance. When you make your donation, you can be confident that your contribution will go to families that are in need of assistance.

Echoes of History.
The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America. Like Hurricane Katrina, after a Mississippi storm in 1927, nearly a million people fled. Over a thousand perished. The so called refugees were overwhelmingly black and poor. During the flood, African American was herded onto the levee into camps guarded by the National Guard. The guards were called in to keep African American sharecroppers from fleeing and finding work elsewhere.

The waters came down with a biblical fury and it was -- as it is always -- the poor who were left to confront the catastrophe on her own terms. There had been years of warnings before the floodwaters exploded past the levees. They poured into the low-lying areas; sweeping away housing that had been substandard even before the rains began. Nearly a million people fled. Over a thousand perished. The refugees, overwhelmingly black, overwhelmingly poor were placed in sites that were their own brand of disaster and, unable to leave once they entered, they began comparing the structures to prisons. And the terrible truth beneath this all was that this occurred precisely as it was supposed to: Water follows the path of least resistance.

These events went down not in Louisiana in the past week, but in Mississippi in 1927. Swollen by heavy rains, the river began bursting through levees, built despite protests, that they would only amplify the water’s destructive capacity -- between Illinois and the Gulf. The Republican official in charge, Herbert Hoover in this case -- took a virtually hands-off approach and the Red Cross refugee sites became models of Southern race relations with blacks being forced to do laundry for the National Guardsmen and literally leased out to help rebuild the flooded plantations of the Delta. The levees were repaired, though; as soon as the waters receded enough for black men to be gathered at gunpoint and forced onto labor gangs. (One black man refused to join the gang and was killed by a policeman.)

There been echoes of bad history in the aftermath of Katrina. The past has come back upon us like bad food in the gut.

Hiding Bodies Won’t Hide the Truth!
FEMA Blocks Photos of Katrina Dead victims!

The US government agency leading the rescue efforts after Hurricane Katrina said on Tuesday 9/6/05, it does not want the news media to take photographs of the dead as they are recovered from the flooded New Orleans area. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, heavily criticized for its slow response to the devastation caused by the hurricane, rejected requests from journalists to accompany rescue boats as they went out to search for storm victims. An agency spokeswoman said space was needed on the rescue boats and that “the recovery of the victims is being treated with dignity and the utmost respect.”
“We have requested that no photographs of the deceased be made by the media,” the spokeswoman said. The Bush administration also has prevented the news media from photographing flag-draped caskets of US soldiers killed in Iraq, which has sparked criticism that the government is trying to block images that put the war in a bad light. The White House is under fire for its handling of the relief effort, which many officials have charged was slow and bureaucratic, contributing to the death and mayhem in New Orleans after the storm struck on Aug, 2005. So FEMA can try to hide the bodies from the public’s view. But the public will not forget.

The US government did not block these photos of the Dead! They were not treated with dignity and the utmost respect.

George W. Bush abandons Black Americans. Shocking delay in aid contrasts with 200 billion wasted in Iraq.


President George W. Bush pays back the good Christian Americans who elected him despite his illegal act of slaughter in Iraq by sitting in his Texas ranch for two days after the most horrific suffering was visited on the area around New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. After two hundred billion dollars were spent in destabilizing Iraq, slaughtering up to one hundred thousand innocent civilians, blasting the legs and arms off defenseless children and leaving the country and region in utter chaos, the best he can do is a brief flyover of the region and a belated visit, hurriedly put together only because of the protests. And the protests are many, and venomous and rightly so. How is it possible that in a country which is always blowing its horn about how advanced it is, that people are starving to death? Is this Somalia? No, it is George Bush’s United States of America.

How is it possible that young children are dying of thirst? Is this Mali? No, it is George Bush’s United States of America. How is it possible that people are having to scavenge for food? Is this Burkina Faso? No, it is George Bush’s United States of America. So, this is how President George Bush treats the people who put their trusting him. After siphoning off 200 billion USD of their hard-earned cash to finance his illegal act of butchery overseas, he turns his back on them, leaves them to wallow in the sewage, to lie rotting in the streets and to starve to death.
Welcome to George Bush’s United States of America. It appears the man is as inept at governing his own country as he is at conducting foreign policy. George W. Bush will go down in the annals of history as the worst president this country has ever had and the worst leader the international community is unfortunate enough to have been forced to rub shoulders with.
How Bush’s policies doomed New Orleans.

No one can say they didn’t see it coming. A year ago the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposed to study how New Orleans could be protected from a catastrophic hurricane, but the Bush administration ordered that the research not be undertaken. After a flood killed six people in 1995, Congress created the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project, in which the Corps of Engineers strengthened and renovated levees and pumping stations.

In 2001, FEMA warned that a hurricane striking New Orleans was one of the three most likely disasters in the U.S. But the Bush administration cut New Orleans flood control funding by 44 percent to pay for the Iraq war. Biblical in its uncontrolled rage and scope, Hurricane Katrina has left millions of Americans to scavenge for food and shelter and hundreds to thousands reportedly dead. With its main levee broken, the evacuated city of New Orleans has become part of the Gulf of Mexico. But the damage wrought by the hurricane may not entirely be the result of an act of nature. In 2004, the Bush administration cut the Corps of Engineers’ request for holding back the waters of New Orleans’ Lake Pontchartrain by more than 80 percent. Additional cuts at the beginning of this year (for a total reduction in funding of 44.2 percent since 2001) forced the Corps to impose a hiring freeze. The Senate had debated adding funds for fixing New Orleans levees, but it was too late.

REFUGEE ~ defined as a person outside of his or her country of nationality who is unable or unwilling to return because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

The above definition proves that these people are in no way "Refugees".